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Pricing Engine was founded by internet marketing professionals who saw a problem: businesses, particularly smaller ones, were being drowned in a fire hose of data from their digital marketing. Only a few had the resources and staff to turn this into insights and action to make their businesses better. For the millions who don’t they turned to expensive tools and consultants (we know, we’ve been there!) that most often added more confusion without any clear results.

Pricing Engine is here to simplify things and answer your real questions. We do this by focusing on what you care about:


Not just how much your clickthrough rate has improved since last week – but benchmarks of where you stand compared to your peers.


It’s not just about bidding higher and buying more keywords. Should you spend the time re-writing your advertisements at all? We provide insights on what to do and the value you’ll get.


If you’re busy running your business, and you don’t have a staff like the big guys, taking time out to experiment just isn’t possible. We can tell you who can help you and where to go – and what it’s worth to you.

To do this, we built a business based on things we've learned in decades of digital marketing. Best practices and heuristics to guide you to better strategies. Benchmarks to let you know how you are doing. Choices and new channels to expand your business. Even improvement partners to help you when you need.

All of this is based on your own situation - your budget and business goals. Pricing Engine gives you these insights in simple graphs and reports with clear directions and a measurement of the value of each suggestion to you.