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Pricing Engine Data Shows Lower Costs For Businesses That Advertise On Bing

Pricing Engine, a company that guides small businesses through the process of buying online ads, is presenting its first report today (at the Street Fight Summit New York) on data from its customers. That data is already an important part of its business, because Pricing Engine (which CEO Jeremy Kagan demonstrated for me last week) compares the performance of its advertisers to related companies and is able to provide recommendations, as well as a report card.

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Search Engine Land

Is Bing A Better Buy Than Google AdWords For Small Business?

Data released yesterday by small business (SMB) marketing platform Pricing Engine argues, as a number of others have in the past, that Bing ads are a “more efficient” buy than Google AdWords. While Google has more search volume and higher CTRs, Bing emerges as a lower cost source of leads for SMBs according to the company’s analysis.

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Bloomberg TV

"Watch Jeremy Kagan's interview on Bloomberg TV about Facebook video ads."

Bloomberg TV interview

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Pricing Engine Brings Big Business Marketing To Entrepreneurs

When you’re running a small business, your primary focus is just doing your day to day work. Serving customers, making your product, etc. Usually the last thing you want to worry about is marketing, even though that’s a vital part of the process. What’s more, marketing these days is more than just a few ads in the local paper or phone book. You’ve got to market online – and there is a dizzying array of choices for marketing when you try to do that.

That’s where Pricing Engine hopes to fill the void. The company, which launched its marketing platform on Friday, aims to be a “one stop shop” for small business marketing.

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Your online ad strategy stinks, Pricing Engine raises $1.25M to help

When it comes to managing online ad campaigns, we could all use a hand — especially small businesses.

New York City-based Pricing Engine believes it has the solution. The company has been developing technology for simplifying online ads over the past two years, and today it’s finally coming out of beta testing with a platform for improving search search marketing campaigns.

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Pricing Engine Simplifies Digital Advertising for Mom and Pop Buyers

Pricing Engine aims to simplify the launch of its SMB-focused “solution.” The company emerged from beta today with a report card that benchmarks the performance of a company’s search and display ad buys against industry peers. The grade — A through F — then recommends plan of action. Increase spending on certain keywords. Pull back spending on a certain category altogether. Target a certain kind of audience more. Tangible, quantifiable suggestions that go beyond Google’s suggested solution of “buy more, or bid higher.”

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Street Fight

Pricing Engine Pools Data to Help VSBs Spend Wisely

With legacy local media companies starting to scale marketing services products, startups now have an increasingly viable channel to manage and distribute marketing products for very small businesses (VSBs). Pricing Engine, a New York-based company that launched publicly last week, has built a paid search and display manager that uses collective knowledge to help the smallest businesses effectively buy ads online.

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Pricing Engine Integrates Search, Social, Display, eCommerce Media

Pricing Engine launched Friday, bringing marketers a self-service platform to manage a variety of media. The company initially released the product to support search marketing, integrating the ability to create and buy paid-search ads across Bing, Google and Yahoo, but later this year it will add the capability to optimize display advertising, social media marketing and eCommerce across desktop and mobile.

The service runs on a tiered-subscription model, explains Jeremy Kagan, Columbia business school professor and founder of Pricing Engine. He describes the platform as a Web service that powers creative development and media buying. It consolidates lead generation to track and benchmark progress. "Pick keywords in one platform and we can push them out anywhere," he said, although not all marketers will want to follow that route.

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The Next Web

Forget the geeks, learn about your company by going where your customers are

Jeremy Kagan is the founder & CEO of Pricing Engine. A web service that helps the “little guy” make the most of online advertising by optimising their resources and budget, while making suggestions on what ads they should invest in. Last May, instead of going to Internet Week in NY or TechCrunch Disrupt, Jeremy decided to build a group of experts and go to where their customers were.

Pricing Engine along with the guys from GinzaMetrics, nowSpots, OwnLocal and Sailthru, started Local Innovation Labs. A group of venture-backed technology startups who are dedicated to serving and supporting local media by providing revenue generating opportunities. In May, the group packed their bags and headed over to the Media Finance Focus 2012 conference in Las Vegas, where all the old school people were. Here’s the experience in Jeremy’s words:

"So we went to this conference to kick off what we call Local Innovation Lab and we had basically 5 compatible companies. We did a panel where we talked about how these guys have these great assets, and how there’s good news in digital for them. It’s not all bad news. They have great assets and they are totally leverageable. We’re here to give you the arms in the fight against the people who eat your lunch money."

-- Jeremy Kagan

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Pricing Engine Makes Digital Advertising Easy for the Little Guys - All You Need Are Motor Skills

"Think locally, act globally" is an expression we haven't heard in some time, yet still applies today. And while there's a big market in small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and the ad dollars they have to spend, the job to do so is usually handled by an intern, despite the fact that all of those small local ad budgets can add up to big bucks in a very short amount of time.

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"Where this startup really excels is in providing a low-cost solution for analyzing online campaigns. A perfect fit for sole-proprietors and small marketing teams looking to save time, money and resources."

Read Pricing Engine's full profile on Cdling.


The truth about Real-Time Bidding (RTB): experts' view

RTB allows advertisers to buy audiences rather than simply inventory. It also allows realistic price discovery on a more granular level instead of a more broad based average pricing as seen in the traditional CPM model - a sort of summary of audience quality. Rather, each impression is bought individually.

This forces a focus on performance rather than the brand of the publisher - which can reward publishers with high quality, responsive audiences, but penalize those with large but indifferent audiences. Data is the key as without accurate and timely information. rules based bidding isn't possible. (This means not just audience data - without accurate performance data downstream, advertisers won't be able to bid effectively.

Read the full story of eConsultancy’s coverage of Pricing Engine.


Pricing Engine: making your ad spend more effective

One of the stumbling blocks of small to medium sized businesses, is their ability to manage their ad spend in the most efficient and effective way. They often don't have a large team or the budgets to do so and are looking to save time and money.

Pricing Engine is a new start up that recently launched into Beta as a tool to help marketers not only do digital advertising themselves, but to be more effective at it. It was created to help marketers know where they are, how they're doing compared to their peers, and what they should do to improve it.

I had a chance to talk to Jeremy Kagan, CEO of Pricing Engine, about his new product and how he envisions how it is going to change the way SMBs, consultants and B2B enterprise clients do business.

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Pricing Engine, #SMBDigital Future Star, Offers Unique Platform for Optimizing Digital Ad Campaigns

Pricing Engine was recently featured as one of the SMB Future Stars at the recent BIA/Kelsey SMB Digital Marketing 2012 conference in Chicago. The title was given to early-stage companies developing the next big digital marketing solution for small and medium-sized businesses. One of our fellow honorees was Review Trackers, a Web app designed to help businesses track and collect online reviews in a simple, fast, and easy way.

Following the conference we were interviewed by the Review Trackers team:

Tell us what your start-up is about.

Pricing Engine helps smaller businesses benchmark, optimize, and expand the number of leads and sales they get from their digital ad campaigns. With our platform, SMBs obtain a targeted report card that grades how their ad campaign(s) are performing and provides easy-to-follow recommendations to help them improve it.

Business owners also use the Pricing Engine unified buy platform to identify their best ad campaigns and quickly move them into other ad channels. Users also get access to premium ad inventory – not available to small advertisers on their own – through exclusive partnerships Pricing Engine has with quality publishers, networks, and exchanges.

Read Review Trackers' full interview of Pricing Engine.

Young Entrepreneur

Co-Working NYC: An Inside Look at WeWork Labs

WeWork Labs has been home to user-generated news site Reddit, crowdsourced review app Consmr and Pricing Engine, an advertising tool for small businesses that just raised $1.5 million in a Series A round. With three co-working spaces in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco and another opening in NYC’s Financial District this summer, we wanted to get a glimpse of the WeWork Labs’ environment.

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Business News Daily

6 Cool Social Media Tools for Small Businesses

Most business owners know that social media can benefit their business in a big way, but keeping up-to-date on all things social can present a big challenge to busy small business owners. Luckily, new technologies and services are making it easier than ever for business owners to take full advantage of social media in marketing their business. Here are six services that companies should know about.

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